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OS X Yosemite: Breathing new Life into my Old, Faithful Companion

So the other day I wrote that my MacBook seemed to run a little slower and use more memory.  What's strange is now that I've been using it, it's actually running noticeably faster.  It still takes up more memory, but not that much more.  It's like Yosemite has breathed new life into my aging companion.  There is probably something I can do about the memory, too.  What my Mac really needs is more space on the hard drive.  I have some serious cleaning to do.
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OS X Yosemite: I like it!

It only took about 9 hours to install.  Granted my MacBook Pro is 5 years old, and has a slow, 350 GB hard drive, but it does have 8 gigs of ram and that helps when running apps.  Anyway, although my mac now runs a little slower and uses slightly more memory, I like it.  I particularly like the new, flat looking user interface and the dark themed menu bar.  And so far, of the few applications I've tested (Kindle for Mac, Curio 8, Xcode 6, Crosswords, Moonlight Mahjong and Full Deck Solitaire), all seem to work perfectly. But since I use it mainly as a development machine, I still have some things to test before I can be completely satisfied.

Upgrading my MacBook Pro to Yosemite

So I decided to upgrade my old MacBook Pro to Yosemite.  It took about 2 hours to get to the point where it indicated that I had "About 2 minutes remaining", and that was 8 hours ago.  I know it's doing stuff because when I press CMD-L I can see the install log and a bunch files being moved about.  Actually, about two hours ago it stopped logging because it had run out of buffer space, but the disk is chugging along so I'm hopeful maybe later tonight I'll get to play with it.  Anyway, here's hoping!

Hooked on Pinterest

I am hooked on Pinterest.  I even have the 'pin' app for my MacBook Pro.  And I've recently been pinning cool stuff.  But it has been keeping me from doing my work.  I suppose, however, that there are worse ways to procrastinate.

I Finally Got Curio 7!

I wrote a while back about a cool app for Mac OS X called Curio.  Just yesterday I was able to afford to upgrade to version 7 (and no, not because the upgrade price is too high--it's extremely reasonable).  Just wanted to make a note about it here in a blog entry so I can remember to write about some of the cool new features it comes with.

Mumford & Sons

So the other day I listened to a song on the radio called Little Lion Man from Mumford & Sons and I've been listening to it a lot.  I love the song and the band is really cool.  Check them out.

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