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Showing posts from July, 2003

Thought Experiment

Imagine a child (or person) born with only two senses, olfactory and aural; she cannot see, taste or feel anything, which is to say that she has no sense of touch. Now imagine how this child perceives its world.

First Blog Entry Ever

My first blog, awash in a sea of blogs, might not ever be read, yet it is somewhat exciting to think that someone, maybe just one person, might click by and see my words.

I used the word, Philosophicus, meaning philosophy, because I needed a good name and I am always inspired by Wittgenstein who continues to challenge me with his thoughts and words and language games.

Although I do probably have much to say on the topic of philosophy (and even computer science, which is another favorite topic of mine and which happens to be my vocation), I think I will end this first blog by simply typing this last period.