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Philosophy of Mind and Neuronal Configurations

I’ve been reading more about the Philosophy of Mind. Although its odd that I cannot discuss it here. I am getting from it now that like a computer, the processing of language or symbols, etc., cannot be observed in the brain, but through brain chemistry and our neural network of connected neurons (or like the memory in a computer and its processor), we can process language and symbols. What was interesting was to read before that about how some think that the mind is not in the brain simply because, if you observe, for example, someone’s face, or a coffee cup, you cannot observe in the brain the face or the coffee cup. Unfortunately I keep reading little bits at a time and haven’t been reading very steady and so a lot of the terminology kind of left my mind, brain, whatever.

What I tend to think is that if you could find a way to somehow examine the neurons and their configuration after you’ve learned something, like a new word, that you could almost interpret the word learned as …

What is truth?


"George W. Bush is president of the United States of America."

This is a statement of truth, but is it not a relative truth? That is, we can believe that in 10 years, for instance, he will not be the President of the United States of America. So now, on this day that I am writing these words this statement is expressing a truth. Or is it?

I wonder if there are other men named George W. Bush. If so, is the above statement true? Would it not make more sense, and would it express ‘real’ truth, if the statement above were worded as such:

"There is a man named George W. Bush who is as of Saturday, August 23, 2003 A.D., the President of the United States of America."

By qualifying that there is a man whose name is George W. Bush, we are stating a truth, but of course we aren’t necessarily stating which George W. Bush. Also by giving the current date in history, A. D., we are establishing another truth. Not only about the man who is president, but also…

A Nugget of Wisdom I Penned...

A nugget of wisdom I penned (well, typed via keyboard) in response to the rigidity of the policing action within the comp.lang.c++ newsgroup regarding something called top-posting, which is, apparently, despised by all who seem to advocate to the point of nastiness that “proper posting,” a la RFC 1855, is the ONLY way one ought to post replies.

"If we were to follow blindly and consistently all standards, rules, laws, etc., there would be no innovation nor outlet for creative thinking and reasoning, and eventually we'd find ourselves bound to a totalitarian system that would, should we deviate even slightly from its narrow, yet clearly marked paths, see to it that we are severely punished."