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Music to a Deaf Man

If I were born deaf, I would never understand sound, or music. I might be able to understand it inasmuch as vibration, for if someone were to strike the strings of a guitar I could see the vibration of the strings and I could place my hand on the wood of the guitar and feel the vibration through the wood as it faded. This would be my only perception of sound and I would know it (and not know it) simply through the sensation of touch. Otherwise music, sound, pitch, volume, sour notes, heavy metal, whatever, would, for me, be all meaningless. It would be senseless for a deaf person to utter the words, inasmuch as he could, “turn up the volume,” for unless he was particularly fond of feeling the vibrations of beat and other sounds at the bottoms of his bare feet resting against a hardwood floor, what would he gain by asking? Perhaps to piss someone off who can hear, I suppose.


I´m from Argentina. I belong to Humanist Movement that is a way of living, a philosophy if u like to say.
I would like to sostain relationships with people around the world to build an strong political and social organization that could makes some changes in local areas, beggining from each human being and following to society. I would like to know if u want more information about us for exchange materials between us about what issues do we want to change. Humanist Movement is a non violence organization, such as put human being as a priority no matters witch religion, culture, gender, etc. We try to carry the flags of cultural diversity and no discrimination beetween people making a difference in the process, producing a personal and social change.
Ok, that´s all from now.
If u want to visit the blog of the student organization i sponsored in the local university just visit
my mail address is

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Brainstorming, Mind Mapping, Curio

I use this really cool Mac OS X  (I mean, is there really anything better than a Mac?) software by Zengobi called Curio.  While it lacks many of the things I would like to see in such an application--you really can't go by what I write here because what I want hasn't yet been imagined, except by me of course and I am too lazy to do anything about it--it has great potential and I think that if Zengobi has the vision it can become even more powerful which is really cool.

Part of what it gives you is mind mapping, but unlike mind mapping tools that are all about just mind mapping, Curio gives you a blank canvas onto which you can drop any kind of resource such as images, documents, web pages, etc.  And you can organize all of these sorts of things as mind maps or structured lists.  Or you don't need to do that at all.  You can just be free to layout everything randomly.

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Perhaps it's because I own a scrapbooking and papercraft store.  Perhaps it is the artist within.  Perhaps it's sheer boredom as I suffer this long period of employment drought.  But whatever it is, I've decided to learn more about papercrafts and especially something called quilling or paper filigree.

I'm not quite sure why I find fascination in such things.  I am a computer geek, programmer, software developer, etc.  It must go back to my childhood and my fascination with creating arts and crafts.  As a budding artist my bud was snipped from the tree of art, and I never did pursue it. But I love color.  I love how to mix it to create new colors, how to place complimentary colors together, how to match and blend and create things with color.

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Breastfeeding, Facebook, Obscenity and Idiocy

So I've been hearing on Fox Snooze that facebook had removed a photo of a woman who was breastfeeding her child public (as apposed to an adult, which is a separate issue entirely).  Facebook did concede and allow these sorts of photos to be posted, but there still might be a lawsuit brought against them by a coalition of women.  Whatever.

Now, two opposing views, both by women.  One says that it's a natural thing to breastfeed an infant and that it is not pornography nor is it obscene, which is facebook's policy for sensoring photos that are "pornography" and/or "obscene".  The other says that she doesn't want to see this on facebook, that this sort of thing should be done at home in private.

I see problems with both arguments.  First, yes, it is a natural thing to breastfeed.  But is having sex and nudity.  Why?  Most everyone has sex, and I imagine that it is prevalent to have sex in the nude, unless you consider dry humping whatever the hell tha…