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Life, the Universe and Me

In 1995, the majestic spiral galaxy {{w|NGC 44...Image via WikipediaI love thinking about the universe and looking at images of planets, moons, galaxies, star clusters and nebulae. In thinking about the universe, however, I tend to think in terms philosophical as well as scientific. The one philosophical idea that I think about when I think about reality is are we alone in the universe and is there a god. The reason I put these things together is because I wonder that if we are unique to the entire universe (and I mean any kind of life) then does this mean, as the various religions might have us believe, that we are god's creation, set above all creatures and, in a sense, nature?

Now, what if it is the case that the universe is teeming with life, not necessarily like the life we understand, but all kinds of life. Would this knowledge in the minds of the religious cause them to alter their thinking? What I mean is if I were a religious person (and I was for a short while many years ago), if life was discovered throughout the universe, would I begin to question my god (which is to say the judeo-christian god)? Because I cannot go back in time and put myself in my state of mind as it was when I was younger, I can't say for certain if my beliefs would weaken or if this would somehow validate my beliefs and make them stronger. But I can take look at it from the other side, and this doesn't mean that I've become agnostic. But we are here to question and to think so I to both.

So being an atheist I wonder what might happen if we discover that the universe is filled with life. I know I would remain an atheist. Why? Well, this situation would contradict a number of religious believes, if those beliefs are one where only a god created man and beasts and if this world is where all men and beasts live, then knowing that this is not the case would reaffirm my stance.

Now imagine that we discover that only this planet could sustain any form of life thus nowhere else in the universe contains life. I would be disappointed, but certainly not persuaded about there being a god.

Now, what if there were a god. Not to sound ridiculous, but I would still remain an atheist because I want nothing to do with a god that resembles the christian god.

Yes, all these thoughts are trite, pathetic, etc... but it is one of the many things I ponder.

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marifish said…
Hello. I have read a few of your posts, and found them quite entertaining. I was particularly interested in this one and would love to discuss more about it since I spend many moments of my life wondering and thinking exactly the same (just like many people do, I expect).
So, I understand and well, mostly guess why you wouldn't want anything to do with a Christian G-d, but then, many reasons came to my mind and I felt curious to know your reasons.

Ps: I saw no pathetic thougts
Hi. Sure I'd like to discuss such things. Let me know your particular thoughts.
marifish said…
Well, I admit that my knowledge of the world is reduced to a high schooler who, well, finds interest in the innumerable questions regarding reality and truth. I often myself with the sad possibility that maybe there is no such thing as reality or truth. Maybe everything, I mean, everything is just our own perception of things. And then of course there is a probable answer to everything, which in the end I understand is best not to be given away; as to keep people faithful and curious. Where would the world's stability go if everything is known and cleared out?
Oh, so you're in highschool, then, or college?

You'd be surprised at the things you come to understand as you grow older. Many things that you think now are so important turn out to be completely unimportant.

When I was young and in high school, I suffered a lot with depression which only got worse through the years, which led to drug addiction and alcoholism. One day, with the help of my wife, I sought therapy, anti-depressants and an intensive outpatient rehab center (and all this was not very long ago), and now, while I'm sure that my medications are probably keeping me too even to feel much emotion one way or the other, I feel entirely better and see life differently than I had.

I imagine as I get even older heading toward senior citizenship and beyond, my thinking about things will change. Things that seem so important now will gradually become meaningless. Who knows.

So what does this have to do with anything? Not sure. But I think where you're at now, you should try to imagine yourself doing something completely opposite to what you would normally do.

This little trick, which took me a long time to hone because it certainly isn't very easy to do something contrary to what you would normally do, helped me deal with many things. My thoughts, my actions, etc. I used to have such a bad temper, very much like my father's, but one day when I was so angry and just about to explode, I stopped dead in my tracks, asked myself, "self... what would it be like to do the complete opposite of what I am about to do." It was a revelation, really, and rather than just rip someone a new asshole, I smiled and went to do something else.

It's hard, but for me it happened when I was very young and I just kept doing this. Of course alcohol, drugs, etc., won out a lot of the times, but now I think I am back to where I want to be.

Okay, so enough crap from me. Tell me more.
marifish said…
Hi. Yeah, I'm in high school.

Pretty interesting life. I am glad you are over such bad stuff, and yes, high school can cause depressions and often addictions that later in life the once teenagers fully regret. In fact, I am just a freshman, but I still know enough to understand a bit about your situation.

Well, it might be the age (not a simple one I experience) but the fact that I have so many question gets to me and bugs me really hard. Sometimes there are questions that regard myself, and other times about the world, G-d, life, economy, I don't know... Really, questions about everything. So, one day I found myself trying to organize my mind and in effect I set myself goals. Three big, broad, goals that I determined myself to accomplish before I pass away.
Goal number one was to find answers, to fill the emptiness inside and the curiosity that I believe can be eliminated with experience and maybe spirituality. When I die, I want to know that I found answers, and even though those answers could be wrong, I want to know, then, that those answers were actually never there for me to find. I just want to feel satisfied with a philosophy of life.
Second goal: huge success. I am very competitive and extremely ambitious.
Third goal: To leave a better world than the one I found.

Hope to hear from you back, marifish
marifish said…

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