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Unemployed and Still Loving It... Sort of

A selection of programming language textbooks ...Image via WikipediaI am unemployed; have been since June 23, my wife's birth date. I am loving it, sort of. Having the freedom to think about and to do what I please is something, I think, that many of us want. I am not rich, but I have some money saved for such times and I am working on getting some unemployment. I have a number of interesting ideas for software and so I've been slowly exploring them, testing such ideas with the Java programming language and various other languages such as Ruby, Groovy and Python. I'm doing this slowly because I don't want to burn out again.

One of my passions is books; reading, looking at, caressing, smelling (not necessarily in this order nor necessarily with books). I don't collect rare books because I cannot afford another expensive hobby, but I do enjoy browsing bookstores and libraries and over the internet--I still cannot read books online. Sure I can read blogs, forums, web pages, social networking pages, etc. But when it comes to books, I have to sit back somewhere comfortable, feel the paper on my fingers and leisurely read, flipping the pages, thinking for a while about what I'd just read, and then moving the next page, and the next. I am the same way when it comes to journals and other periodicals. I download the PDFs, but I do nothing with them.

I have noticed recently on the market various ebook reading devices such as the Amazon Kindle which seems to be the most popular. Also Sony has a nice one that is promoted at Border's books (my favorite book store around where I live). I'd like to get one just to enrich my geek toy collection, but alas I am unemployed. But what I'd really like is to take one of them for a spin, so to speak. You know, play with it for a couple of days. It seems to be something I could get into. With it I can sit anywhere and relax while "turning" the electronic pages. But of course there are things about reading a real book that I would miss: e.g. the touce and smell of the paper. Even if I did have one I don't think that I would substitute it for real books, rather I would use it as a complement to them.

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