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The Unibrow

Image via WikipediaToday I was thinking about unibrows.  The thought.  Because some of us (maybe all of us?) can grow a unibrow I wondered if early man, say australopithecines, without the use of razors, all walked about with unibrows.  I suppose sharp, flint tools could have been used for grooming, but was grooming as important then as it is now?  Also, do people today walk about with with unibrows?  I looked up 'unibrow' on google and discovered that people were donning fake unibrows, as in a dare.

Anyway, this is about all the energy I can put into unibrows.  

I'm a Thinker not a Doer

Image via WikipediaIt's official.  I've finally accepted the fact that I am a thinker and not a doer.  In theory I can do things, and sometimes I actually do something.  But my nature is for me to think, usually seated on the sofa or laying in bed.  I call myself a thinker because it's more complementary than simply calling myself a lazy ass.  Often times when I claim to be thinking my mind is blank... well, as blank as someone who doesn't live bhuddism can be.  In fact there are times that I am feeling so lazy that the thought of thinking is too much for me, and it's at these times that sitting in a vegetative state in front of the television (on or off, it doesn't matter) is all that I am physically and mentally able to do.

I wonder (yes, there are times when I think and wonder, and really mean it) if I could somehow bottle this state of being, sell it to the masses of those who don't know what to do when their minds are blank.  Bottled laziness.  Of cour…

Wiki Wiki Wiki

Image via WikipediaI love wikis.  I think everyone ought to have their own wiki.  If for no other reason, it's simply fun to say.  I could say wiki all say long, and often I say it to myself, over and over, until it means nothing. 

So here are links to my wikis.  Unfortunately I am using godaddy shared hosting and it has been pathetically slow.
JCS WikiJConceptus WikiDon't ask me to explain the difference because there really is no difference.

Learning a Different Language

Image via WikipediaAs I sit here and listen to the television as I work, I often hear commercials for the RosettaStone software that touts itself as " The Fastest Way to Learn a New Language. Guaranteed".  My first criticism, which is slight and certainly unimportant, is with the word "New" in this quote.  I read this two ways.  I believe that it should read "The Fastest Way to Learn a [Different] Language...", because how I read it, and I am probably in a minority of people who read this as I do, is that the word "New" is as a New Language, as in a language newly created and not one of the world's indigenous languages.  For example, the Klingon language from the Star Trek series is new in that it was invented by a linguist and not a language born from long, human evolutionary process (this needs clarification, and I will get to it shortly).  I believe after reading just what I've written that perhaps my logic is flawed, but more on this…

Clouds and Sky and a Dirty SLR

Image via WikipediaToday, as with every day this past week (I count a week by the number of days (e.g. 6 or 7) and not beginnings or ends...for me it's all continuous and "week" for me simply means a series of days), I've been outdoors and staring up at the sky. I had been taking pictures with my digital SLR, but I noticed something odd with the pictures. There is, in every picture on the upper right, a faint grey dot that I believe is dust.

While searching the web for answers to this I discovered from one sight that it might be dust on the CCD. The article goes on to say that that to fix it, I need to blow dry air into it and not moist air, such as blowing into the camera myself. I tried one of those rubber bulbs you get in an ear wax removal kit, but it didn't work. Actually, it worked partially. I noticed later on that the early shots had other, smaller specs, and I think the bulb served to remove some of that dust. But I can't seem to remove that b…

Of Servers and Wikis

Image via WikipediaOver the weekend, I decided to revamp my hosted server (through GoDaddy) and to purchase another hosting server (both of these are shared, unfortunately) where I point my other domain,

My original web site was dated and, frankly, looked ugly.  So I spent part of this weekend in Dreamweaver.  I don't know it that well, but by using it I have learned a lot about CSS and html.  I am a complete dolt when it comes to such things, and if you knew me and my background, you wouldn't guess that I was ignorant of web programming (so I hear), but I am, and it's embarrassing.

I also spend time installing various PHP apps on my main server, namely MediaWiki, WordPress (so I could host my own, single wordpress wik, and something called Joomla, which looks cool, but I have no idea what it is or how to use it.  But as with everything else, I horde all kinds of crap that seems utterly fascinating, and then it sits and waits for my attention. I am intrigued b…

Procrastination Station

Image via Wikipedia Procrastination. It's a skill I had mastered long ago, and I am proud to say to you today that I am, officially, a hardcore procrastinator. In fact you could call my lair the procrastination station, where all events arrive late just to happen even later. But why am I a procrastinator? And why does it take methylphenidate (Ritalin) just to motivate me? Well, in my opinion, Ritalin is a magic drug, one that whips my lazy, procrastinating ass back into shape. The problem? Because my lousy insurance (is there really any good health insurance?) won't pay for such luxury drugs like the extended release form of Ritalin, I have to take the standard stuff, which works only for four hours, and you can definitely tell when you're coming down from the effect. So I tend to use more than I ought to. Not too much more, mind you, just a half or sometimes a whole dose extra. But anyway... (I think that my digressions and tangents are worse than my procrastinatio…

Game Addiction: Is it Really So Bad?

Image via WikipediaRecently I have been playing a game called Bejeweled 2 and I think that I am addicted to it.  I don't usually become addicted to games.  I mean I like to play games, especially computer games.  In fact I am quite fond of Civilization IV and one of it's expansions, Warlords.  I'm also partial to the Age of Empires series, and have spent many hours playing it and wasting away because of it

I do also have an addiction (I think) to crossword puzzles.  I've collected a number of crossword puzzle magazine like the Dell Pocket Crossword Puzzle series.  But I also like the only crosswords, too.

My all time favorite game, which I consider to be the most addictive is Blizzard's Diablo series.  Blizzard is finally making a third edition, Diablo III,  and from the looks of it I think it will be their best work yet.  I know I will buy the thing no matter how much it costs.  What sucks about this, however, is the it will be out on the PC first (at least this i…