Learning a Different Language

Cuneiform was the first known form of written ...Image via Wikipedia As I sit here and listen to the television as I work, I often hear commercials for the RosettaStone software that touts itself as " The Fastest Way to Learn a New Language. Guaranteed".  My first criticism, which is slight and certainly unimportant, is with the word "New" in this quote.  I read this two ways.  I believe that it should read "The Fastest Way to Learn a [Different] Language...", because how I read it, and I am probably in a minority of people who read this as I do, is that the word "New" is as a New Language, as in a language newly created and not one of the world's indigenous languages.  For example, the Klingon language from the Star Trek series is new in that it was invented by a linguist and not a language born from long, human evolutionary process (this needs clarification, and I will get to it shortly).  I believe after reading just what I've written that perhaps my logic is flawed, but more on this later.

I think how others read the quoted sentence is that they see "New" as a new language for them, as in a language other than their native tongue and one that they do not know.  For example, I have wanted to learn such languages as Spanish, French, etc., or the dead languages such as Latin and ancient Greek (these for the reason that I would like to read various philosophical texts in their original language).

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