Of Servers and Wikis

Adobe DreamweaverImage via WikipediaOver the weekend, I decided to revamp my hosted server (through GoDaddy) and to purchase another hosting server (both of these are shared, unfortunately) where I point my other domain, jcswiki.com

My original web site was dated and, frankly, looked ugly.  So I spent part of this weekend in Dreamweaver.  I don't know it that well, but by using it I have learned a lot about CSS and html.  I am a complete dolt when it comes to such things, and if you knew me and my background, you wouldn't guess that I was ignorant of web programming (so I hear), but I am, and it's embarrassing.

I also spend time installing various PHP apps on my main server, namely MediaWiki, WordPress (so I could host my own, single wordpress wik, and something called Joomla, which looks cool, but I have no idea what it is or how to use it.  But as with everything else, I horde all kinds of crap that seems utterly fascinating, and then it sits and waits for my attention.
I am intrigued by the wiki.  I want to install Twiki on my new host at jcswiki, and I purchased the extra host space so that I could host it (in fact, I did this specifically through GoDaddy for this very purpose).  I didn't know that it can't be run with Java (not sure why), so I had to remove the Java support from that host, but now it's taking days to do this (apparently someone somehow turns off this feature), so I play with my originsl site and wait for my new one to be up and running.
 My custom wordpress site will be called, simply, Programming.  It's just about Programming and the subtitle might just be By a Programmer.  Not pretentious at all, and it gets to the point.  The only problem I have with this is that I don't like Wordpress at all.  I prefer blogger (this blog site) and none of the other PHP blogging apps are very good.

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