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Procrastination Station

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Procrastination. It's a skill I had mastered long ago, and I am proud to say to you today that I am, officially, a hardcore procrastinator. In fact you could call my lair the procrastination station, where all events arrive late just to happen even later. But why am I a procrastinator? And why does it take methylphenidate (Ritalin) just to motivate me? Well, in my opinion, Ritalin is a magic drug, one that whips my lazy, procrastinating ass back into shape. The problem? Because my lousy insurance (is there really any good health insurance?) won't pay for such luxury drugs like the extended release form of Ritalin, I have to take the standard stuff, which works only for four hours, and you can definitely tell when you're coming down from the effect. So I tend to use more than I ought to. Not too much more, mind you, just a half or sometimes a whole dose extra. But anyway... (I think that my digressions and tangents are worse than my procrastination). The result is that I finish the bottle before I can bring my script in to get more, and apparently the dose I am on is like the max. And when I am finished with my ritalin script, my productivity, interest, desires, etc., suffer. It could also have something to do with all of the other meds I take, like Lamictal, Trazodone, Immipramine, etc. They're all for depression and social anxiety.

So rather than obsess on my meds, I am thinking about what kind of software there is that could help me get organized so that I might minimize the procrastination. I know about project management software, even a calendar would maybe help. But is there some kind of specific organization software (e.g. to do lists or time management), and will it really help?  Time to do some research on this, I think. But later, of course.  Much, much later.

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Anonymous said…
I've yet to find any software that can help me get stuff done. Even with lovely to-do lists, categorized emails, follow up flags (all courtesy Outlook 2007) - stuff just won't get done.

Have you tried other similar medicines? Perhaps Adderall or dextroamphetamine will work better without "breaking your prescription". (Ins. won't even cover generic continual-release methyl.??)

If it's really a critical issue, you could consider using an overseas pharmacy to "top up" with your RX as well. I've seen Ritalin(TM) for about $13 for 30x10mg.
Hi anonymous,

I have been on many meds for anxiety and depression. And I am on methylphenadate, which is Ritalin. It helps a lot, but what happens is that it makes you focus really intently on something until it consumes you, which is why I don't seem to be able to get to anything else. And of course being consumed, I just work on the same thing without actually ever finishing. :-)
My name is Donna Taylor and i would like to show you my personal experience with Lamictal.

I am 30 years old. Have been on Lamictal for 12 days now. I've taken 50mg for 12 days. I don't really notice anything different. I'm apprehensive about this medicine because I'm depressed, lethargic, have no energy and my Dr. would not prescribe antidepressants for me. : ( So I'm hoping that this will help with depression first.

I have experienced some of these side effects-
itchy arm pits, mild skin discoloration on my fore arm (not sure if either of these are from the medicine)

I hope this information will be useful to others,
Donna Taylor
Hey, thanks for the tips.
My current ritalin prescription is 90x20mg, which I think it the limit. With my insurance I think I pay $5 or $10. My wife picks them up for me, so I'm not sure.

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