The Unibrow

An array of Neolithic artifacts, including bra...Image via Wikipedia Today I was thinking about unibrows.  The thought.  Because some of us (maybe all of us?) can grow a unibrow I wondered if early man, say australopithecines, without the use of razors, all walked about with unibrows.  I suppose sharp, flint tools could have been used for grooming, but was grooming as important then as it is now?  Also, do people today walk about with with unibrows?  I looked up 'unibrow' on google and discovered that people were donning fake unibrows, as in a dare.

Anyway, this is about all the energy I can put into unibrows.  

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marifish said…
i have a friend who has a unibrow. (big one) and he is totally fine with it. (killing off your doubt...)
kgergis said…
I had a dream I had one and it looked hot after I got used to it!

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