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The Cat, The Chipmunk and the Acorn

Chipmunks. They're everywhere. And acorns all over the lawn. And squirrells. When I was growing up I lived in a home with a backyard that was mostly hill and trees--a tiny forest all to myself and my tiny imagination. And I'd see chipmunks and squirrels, (albeit briefly), scampering about the yard, foraging for acorns, and once I even tried to follow a chipmunk to get a better look, but alas, it is very difficult to keep up with them, even for a spry child as I.
I then discovered cats. When and how, I don't recall, but I pestered my parents until their resolve had waned, and so one day we went in search of my very first kitten that I named Angel. And when she grew big enough to hunt (I should have given her the more appropriate name of Beelzebub) and share with the family her shredded prey by placing it on the patio in front of the sliding door, I was forced into morbid labor as undertaker in charge of carrying and dumping the masticated remains up the lonely, dark fo…

Memory and Emotion

So this morning I was thinking about my very poor memory and wondering why, over the past several years, it has been getting worse. For instance, take an event such as following a television program. I recall the episode and what occurred (mostly), but my recollection of the when the episode aired tends to be completely wrong. I might think that it aired at some point the prior season, but my wife would correct me and tell me that it was only two episodes prior--two weeks ago. I am so sure of myself, however, that until my wife proves it sufficiently to me, I stick with my recollection. But it always turns out that she is correct, and of course this bothers me. Not that she's right (she so often is), but that something as simple as watching a television program isn't so simple.

Perhaps this kind of lapse doesn't seem so bad. But when I consider that there are examples beyond merely passively watching a program, I get a little scared. Similar to the first example, …

On the Move with MoveMe.Com

Moving can be exciting. It's an adventure, a chance to begin again, a way to shed the old and embrace the new. But the very act of moving involves so much more than simply packing, hauling and unpacking. It's the very details themselves that can seem making a move insurmountable. First you'll probably want to get several mortgage quotes and choose the best one that fits your budget. You'll also need to set or transfer your utilities, find a reputable removal service, competent surveyor and a reliable solicitor. Maybe you'll want to have new locks and an alarm system installed, and perhaps even a secure place to store your things while you are planning all of this. But above all, as the number of tasks pile up, so does the cost, and that in itself can lead one to far greater angst. So what can you do to make moving easier on you and your bank account? Enter touts itself as "the site that makes moving easier," and rightfully so. …

Viva la Purple

Image via WikipediaSo this whole "green" thing appears to be everywhere. And it's not so bad, really. But it gets to be too much when we are inundated with messages and commercials and television programs, and of those who wag their fingers and admonish us for not being green.
But what (meaning one who practices conservation...recycling of materials, buying organic produce, using cruelty free products, saving the whales and all that. I know what it is to be green--just watch Planet Green for a while and you'll realize just what a horrible person you are. Even those who "go green" feel as though they're being scolded by those on that network who seem to be the "greenest" of all. And no, this isn't a bash against Planet Green--I do like watching Living with Ed, which I find hysterical and I often find myself feeling more sympathetic toward his wife than Ed. While listening to the channel as I worked on my mac, I even heard that not ha…

The Criminal Justice Degree at Rasmussen College

One of my many interests is law and so I was excited to have come across the the Criminal Justice Degree and Paralegal programs at Rasmussen College. Fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, Rasmussen offers the same quality criminal justice program as other Universities and Colleges, and what is even more interesting and a delight for me to discover is that they offer degree programs (both associate and bachelor) not only at their many campuses around the country, but also through their criminal justice online program.

What I really like about their criminal justice program is the sheer variety of core curriculum courses that they offer which include
Criminal BehaviorVictims in Criminal Justice Research Methods in Criminal JusticeCultural Diversity and Justice Criminal law Criminal Justice Leadership
And as part of their Bachelor's Degree they also offer specializations in such things as investigation, law enforcement and, which really piqued my i…

Of Hyper Dogs and Big Rubber Balls

Image via WikipediaI have two Jack Russell puppies, Sydey and Applejax.  They are precious to me.  Sydney, however, suffers from various forms of anxiety and she is like lightening wrapped up in a tight, little package, and at any given moment will flash brilliantly to life, which is almost breathtaking to watch.  And she jumps so very high, her hind legs, like pistons driven by all that high-voltage energy.

Now, give her a ball, any one will do--rubber, beach, basket, soccer, etc, as long as it's spherical (e.g. no footballs).  Take all that power and increase it two fold.  She literally goes nuts, and she has this natural talent with the damned things.  She can run around the ball, keeping it in place, until she seems like she's going to pass out.  And when she and Jax are playing, which invariably leads to some sort of household damage, she moves the thing as if she were David Beckham, popping it with such grace, high into the air and over Jax's head, who never seems to…