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Of Hyper Dogs and Big Rubber Balls

A soccer ball is a model of the Buckminsterful...Image via Wikipedia I have two Jack Russell puppies, Sydey and Applejax.  They are precious to me.  Sydney, however, suffers from various forms of anxiety and she is like lightening wrapped up in a tight, little package, and at any given moment will flash brilliantly to life, which is almost breathtaking to watch.  And she jumps so very high, her hind legs, like pistons driven by all that high-voltage energy.

Now, give her a ball, any one will do--rubber, beach, basket, soccer, etc, as long as it's spherical (e.g. no footballs).  Take all that power and increase it two fold.  She literally goes nuts, and she has this natural talent with the damned things.  She can run around the ball, keeping it in place, until she seems like she's going to pass out.  And when she and Jax are playing, which invariably leads to some sort of household damage, she moves the thing as if she were David Beckham, popping it with such grace, high into the air and over Jax's head, who never seems to be able to keep up.  She just impresses the hell out of me.

What scares me, however, is that she gets so excited and pants, literally, five times a second, while her hearts races so fast... I keep thinking that one of these days her little heart will simply give out and that would be devastating to both my wife and I.  Still, it seems to make Sydney happy and so I let her and Jax play several times a day.  I try to get some good shots with my digital SLR, but she move so fast and my skill with the thing is amateurish at best.

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