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Moving can be exciting. It's an adventure, a chance to begin again, a way to shed the old and embrace the new. But the very act of moving involves so much more than simply packing, hauling and unpacking. It's the very details themselves that can seem making a move insurmountable. First you'll probably want to get several mortgage quotes and choose the best one that fits your budget. You'll also need to set or transfer your utilities, find a reputable removal service, competent surveyor and a reliable solicitor. Maybe you'll want to have new locks and an alarm system installed, and perhaps even a secure place to store your things while you are planning all of this. But above all, as the number of tasks pile up, so does the cost, and that in itself can lead one to far greater angst. So what can you do to make moving easier on you and your bank account? Enter MoveMe.com.

MoveMe.com touts itself as "the site that makes moving easier," and rightfully so. They provide you with all kinds of information and services, from tips for the fist time buyer to buying and selling your home. They also provide assistance with their free, online planning system that not only helps you manage all of your moving tasks, but can save you even more time and money. Also at MoveMe.com you'll complete access to free mortgage quotes and great deals on financing your new home. You can even save up to 30% on removal quotes.

How is it that this completely free service can provide you with all of this and more? They have a large network of reputable and reliable businesses with which they can connect you, and you pay nothing for any of this because it is the businesses themselves that pay to have their services advertised, and because of this MoveMe.com ensures that those in their network provide the quality of service you should want and expect.

So if you're planning to move and you are overwhelmed with the details or if you just want to save time and money, don't go it alone. Let MoveMe.com help you. You won't regret it.


Anonymous said…
You should also try www.helpiammoving.com established for over 10 years, you don't need to register and all information is written from over 20 years in the removal industry rather than hearsay.

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