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Viva la Purple

USDA National Organic Program official sealImage via Wikipedia So this whole "green" thing appears to be everywhere. And it's not so bad, really. But it gets to be too much when we are inundated with messages and commercials and television programs, and of those who wag their fingers and admonish us for not being green.
But what (meaning one who practices conservation...recycling of materials, buying organic produce, using cruelty free products, saving the whales and all that. I know what it is to be green--just watch Planet Green for a while and you'll realize just what a horrible person you are. Even those who "go green" feel as though they're being scolded by those on that network who seem to be the "greenest" of all. And no, this isn't a bash against Planet Green--I do like watching Living with Ed, which I find hysterical and I often find myself feeling more sympathetic toward his wife than Ed. While listening to the channel as I worked on my mac, I even heard that not having a green funeral is bad, and so there are solutions to that, but imagine your final days among the living, feeling guilty that you're not the one having a green death. Nay. Yet one more nail in your coffin, so to speak.

Now, perhaps this is because I tend to be a contrarian, but I've decided to go yellow, or blue. Anything but green. But don't get me wrong. I am sympathetic toward the green movement, I've even failed, so many times, at becoming Vegan, each time thinking that I had finally conquered my cruel ways. I even began writing a blog called On Veganism, the pages themselves varying shades of green. Oh, and by the way, if you want to show people that you are green, like the annoying telvision commercial that tries to allay peoples anxiety over--get this--corn syrup just put the color green everywhere--on bottles and banners and bagels. Being green means being green--so to speak. Soon I expect to watch a USDA commercial on beef cattle grazing contentedly and unaware in fields of bright green, their message? Free-range cattle eating organic, NON-GMO feed and field grass are the best way for meat eaters to put green in their diet--what happened to good old lettuce and celery. Ain't they green, too? "Green Beef! No, it's not Spoiled. It's What's for Dinner."

So, going some other color... How about the color purple? It is, after all, the color of royalty and of Nobilty, of power and revolution... and lest we forget, velvet. So purple it is. It's time, I think, for a new color revolution. We need to capture the hearts and the mind of the masses, steal them away from all movements green. The purple revolution is here! Viva la Purple!

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