Chasing Flies

On one day not too long ago I heard a clamoring at my front door.  When I looked I saw Sydney, with fierce determination, jumping against the screen, barking and nipping at something just out of reach.  I didn't see what it was, and I thought that perhaps she had become rabid or that she'd lost her little canine mind.

I stood there in the hallway fascinated.  And without warning, she darted past me and slammed her tiny white self against the back door and continued her frantic antics.  Then she was off to the kitchen; same thing.  Then back to the front door, to the back door, to the kitchen, etc.  And when she finally stopped I saw her sniffing at, tossing about, licking and chewing a house fly. It appeared to me by her reaction to tasting it that she didn't care for it, but this didn't stop her from ripping it to pieces and swallowing it.

As for insecticides and fly swatters, we no longer needed them.  We had, if not always successful, our very own pest control.  And if nothing else, Sydney's way of dealing with flies is fun to watch; it's a nice break in an otherwise dull and uninteresting day.

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Priya said…
Hey Thomas,

Sydney is a real cutie...wish I had a Sydney too :]

Priya from SezWho here. I hope you are having a good time with SezWho.

I am writing to know your feedback and comments regarding SezWho and any suggestions that you may have to make SezWho better and more engaging for the community.

I would love to hear more about what you expected from Sezwho and how it did not meet your expectations?

Look forward to hearing your feedback.

Happy blogging!


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