Power Your Wordpress with Wordpress Power Pack

I love to blog and I love blogging with Wordpress.  I even host my own Wordpress blog at GoDaddy.  But as with so many other blogging systems, Wordpress, when it comes to themes, is just as frustrating.  The default themes are just okay and the CSS and HTML code can be hacked so that something more attractive can be created--this assumes you have those skill.  But if you don't like the defaults you'll have to search about for something more attractive.  After that you'll probably want to make money with your blog, which will entail more research and more frustration.  If only there was something powerful, with everything you need, and easy enough for a beginner to use.  Well, there is.

Wordpress Power Pack is a powerful, flexible and easy to use set of Wordpress themes and plugins that provide you with: 
  • Over 100 of the Most Useful Wordpress Plugins
  • An Auto Content Generator
  • Super Adsense Wordpress Themes that feature
    • Advanced SEO Titles
    • A Flexible Navigation Menu
    • Clickbank-Ready Profits
    • Adsense-Ready Profits
    • Integrated Support for MyBlogLog
The entire package, for only $24.95, includes seven instant, ready to use themes, a Photoshop file for each theme logo so that you can customize it, access to a support forum and 30 niche Wordpress designs.  Here is my favorite!

So head on over to the Wordpress Power Pack site and check it out for yourself.  You can't do better than this.  Happy blogging!

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