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Alltop: Cool News Topic Site

Alltop is a cool concept.  At first you might think that it's just a search engine.  But it's not.  It's really a web app that aggregates popular articles and news stories by topic.  You browse specific topics, or search alphabetically by selecting a letter in a letter bar.  Or simply type in a few keywords. 

Because I am about to be a new owner of a small business, I clicked on the Work topic and selected Small Business.  This returns a page titled "All the top small business news," and contains selections from such sites as, Fast Company and Small Business Labs. 

I recommend checking it out.  It's certainly different and it's really cool.

An Idea for Twitter

There is an nteresting idea for an application of twitterCheck it out.

Faces of Violence

Note:  To some the following might be disturbing, so proceed at your own risk.

I don't understand violence, nor do I think that I could ever understand it, and I know that I have no desire to understand it.  In fact, no one who never experiences violence could possibly understand it.  We can certainly try to imagine it, but we cannot know it; we cannot feel it; and many of us would choose to remain ignorant of it.  So how is it that a seemingly normal person can be driven to hurt, maim or even murder another?  And further, how is it that so few men (or even one man) can influence so many to commit violence in the name of something; some cause, some ideal, some promise of religious bliss?  Take  Hitler as an example.  He was able to capture the minds and control the will of an entire nation, turning so many people against an entire race that he intended to exterminate.  Those who followed this man turned a blind eye to, or purported ignorance of, the concentration camps where human …

Book Lovers Everywhere! Go to Shelfari!

I just wrote a review bout Shelfari and originally I included it in this blog, but something about my template won't allow my bookshelf widget to work.  However, it does work on my other blog.  So go check it out.

A World of Widgets from Widgetbox

I love playing around with widgets for my blog.  Often I'll put up a widget and a few days later take it down just to see if I really like it, and this goes on until I find one that I think I will keep for a while.  Of course finding widgets usually requires searching about the web, clicking on widgets in other blogs, etc.  So I got pretty excited when I found Widgetbox.

You can choose thousands of widgets for your blogs and web sites in all sorts of categories.  Because I love twitter, I chose to try out a twitter widget and place in my sidebar.  It shows the last twitter I posted, which then lets readers click over to my twitter page.

Probably one of the coolest features they offer is something called a Widget Panel, a widget itself that lets you add and manage a set of widgets for some region on your blog.  If you sign up for an account (free), you get to manage all of your widgets and widget panels.  My only problem with the widget panel is that to customize it beyond the simpl…

Zoho Review

Today I found a site called Zoho which is an online suite of productivity and business applications.  I have reviewed it here.  It's definitely worth checking out.

A Mash of Social Website Logos

I found this cool thing on flickr that contains logos of most of the social websites. This is part one.

LOGO2.0 part I
Originally uploaded by Stabilo Boss

Zenbe: A Cool Web 2.0 Email Application

You have to check out Zenbe.  It is probably the coolest web-based email application.  It's written using Javascript and AJAX, terms used to describe technology that allows programmers to create a cool interactive experience in their browser.  Zenbe, hands down, looks slicker and works nice than all other webmail clients such as Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, etc.  In fact, you can use zenbe to manage email from any of your other email accounts that support POP mail (a technology that allows email programs to interact with a mail server).  These include AOL mail, Gmail, Yahoo mail and even Hotmail.  In the words of the zenbe creators:
Zenbe is free email that works with the email you already use.  Zenbe offers many features, including email, online calendar, lists, mobile sync, file sharing, team collaboration. It even works with Facebook and Twitter. But at its core, Zenbe is simply the best email experience you can find.So I highly recommend that you go to Zenbe, create an account and …

Food Network: Searching for Stars

I watched the recent The Next Food Network Star, and I thought, if nothing else, that it was entertaining.  I like food, I like stars, so what better thing to do then pair them.  When the series began what had happened was what I expected to happen.  While the candidates all seemed to be able to cook well, they bombed when they had to get in front of the camera.  Fair enough. 

Tthere is also this other food tv show called Throwdown with Bobby Flay starring, of course, Chef Bobby Flay, owner and executive chef of, among several others, the Mesa Grill, a restaurant that I've been wanting to visit just because the sign looks so cool and also because I love Southwestern cuisine, the kind of food he is noted for making.

In Bobby Flay's show the food network people go around looking for the greatest this or the best that--for example, the person who makes the best Sticky Buns.  When they find someone they tell them some story about how Food Tv is looking about for talent for a new ser…

TV Theme Music, UFOs and Phobias

I watch television as I hack away on my computer. I've noticed that television shows have pieces of familiar theme music sprinkled here and there. So while listening to an episode of HGTV'sHammer Heads I heard background music that reminded me of a song by Deep Purple called 'My Woman from Tokyo'. It wasn't exactly like the original song, but it contained the same notes and progression.

Then there was this commercial I heard that I swear had a Metallica progression in it.  Because I tend to tune out commercials, I can't recall which it was.  I'll have to listen more closely to find more.  I wonder.  Could this be a way of capturing the attention of us middle agers?  When I sense a pattern such as this I always think that there is more to it than perhaps there really is.

I could probably quite easily fall prey to conspiracy theories. For instance, UFOs.  I know, rationally, that there are no such things as UFOs, at least those that quacks claim come from othe…

The American Bank: Sodomites of the American Dream

Today, after having waited three weeks for word about our loan application, PNC Bank called and in but a moment dashed our hopes and shattered our dreams.  After a day of sadness and tears we sit here numb, each of us lost in thought, each of us contemplating our coming plight, wondering how we will survive the coming winter.  A winter that will seem much colder to us.  With our savings almost gone, we'll have less to eat, no gifts to give and little joy to share.  We were so happy, if not nervous, but we were excited nonetheless.

With the prospect of becoming business owners, we stayed up late into the night and shared our thoughts and our ideas.  We talked about how we would improve things, how we would bring in more business, advertise better, and create a new web presence.  But alas... none of this is to be.

The American Bank.  They dash our hopes and dreams, the make us bend over so that they can stick it to us, make us feel small, worthless, undeserving.  It's all about …

Poll: Presidential Vote, Political Affiliation

I'm curious to know who you voted for--Barack Obama, John McCain or Other--and what your political affiliation is: democrat, republican or other.  See sidebar, far right.  I have my reasons, and of course it is anonymous.

disclaimer: The poll answers are random and I imply nothing about my vote or affiliations.

Gold and the Economy

This is not a post about the value of gold relative to the economy or about how well or poor it's doing on Wall Street.  When it comes to investments, stock markets and all matters financial, I am a dimwit.  No, this is about a recent and increasingly annoying pattern of deception. It's about gold digging.  The seduction by one for the riches of another. 

These gold diggers seek the treasure of the hapless and unwary, panning the deep, dark waters of fear and doubt.  And like the old prospector who can sense, by the scent of the gold-sweetened wind, the hidden bounty deep within yonder hill, so too can this species of gold digger sense hidden gold, but not in yonder hill;  it senses its bounty buried deep in the pockets of the victims of our plummeting economy.

Dressed in money-green suit and adorned with wide, pearly smile and glistening, gold baubles, it invades our televisions and websites, our email and our postal mail.  You can find it in spam and crouched among envelopes. …

NAA Life: Give You and Your Family Peace of Mind

Although this is a sobering post, I believe it is an important one and so I wanted to share this with you.

If, like me, you have a family that you provide for, you know that protecting them is probably the single most important thing you can do.  You want them to be safe, successful and to be able to enjoy the home life you've all made together.  But consider this.  If you own your home and have a mortgage, what do you think might happen to your family if you should suffer a terrible, crippling accident? What would happen to them if you passed away?  How would they afford the hospital or burial costs, and with your income gone, how would they ever be able afford the mortgage payments?  Like me, does the very thought of this worry you, keep you up at night wondering?  And how about your family?  Do they worry?  While there isn't much any of us can do to spare our families the pain and grief of our passing, there is something we can do to ease their financial burden and to give …

Write for Pay and the Moral Struggle

I've been selling to a number of pay-per-post sites my talents as a writer.  I like doing this sort of work because it doesn't take long to write a small review, and I get to discover new and interesting sites.  The pay is horrible, however, and the terms, although they differ in subtle ways between each site, can be confusing and the policies strict.

One such site, SocialSpark, accepted my first post that I wrote for Wordpress Power Pack.  I was happy about this and so I decided to take another opportunity and write my second review, this time for  SocialSpark, this time around, rejected it.  I didn't understand why until I read the terms more closely.  SocialSpark doesn't allow one sponsored post after the next.  A non-sponsored post is to be placed before and after each sponsored post.  What confused me further was that I wrote each sponsored post for customers of SocialSpark, and neither post conflicted with the other, thus I never imagined that this woul…




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