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The American Bank: Sodomites of the American Dream

Today, after having waited three weeks for word about our loan application, PNC Bank called and in but a moment dashed our hopes and shattered our dreams.  After a day of sadness and tears we sit here numb, each of us lost in thought, each of us contemplating our coming plight, wondering how we will survive the coming winter.  A winter that will seem much colder to us.  With our savings almost gone, we'll have less to eat, no gifts to give and little joy to share.  We were so happy, if not nervous, but we were excited nonetheless.

With the prospect of becoming business owners, we stayed up late into the night and shared our thoughts and our ideas.  We talked about how we would improve things, how we would bring in more business, advertise better, and create a new web presence.  But alas... none of this is to be.

The American Bank.  They dash our hopes and dreams, the make us bend over so that they can stick it to us, make us feel small, worthless, undeserving.  It's all about numbers, risk analysis and cold logical math.  There is no heart. There is no pity. And soon there will be no people making these decisions.  It will all be left to the cold, artificial silicon brains.  Our fates will rest with the machines and in the end we'll all just fade into oblivion. 

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