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Scrapbooking Site Ideas

I am trying to redesign the site for my store. And that's as far as I get when I think about it. The current site just sucks. I know I could do better, but I have no idea how to design a site for crafts and scrapbooking. I've looked at a number of scrapbooking sites (by the way, don't do this using Google. Use Google Earth. It saved me a lot of time.
I don't have a public link to it yet so I am just embedding a screen capture.

If you compare it to the current site, the obvious thing you'll note first is that my dinky site has no content.

So now the question is... what the hell do I do next? Sometime to ponder...

Our Store: Scrapbooker's Dream

I wanted to show some pictures of our scrapbooking store that is located at 4067 Washington Road, McMurray, PA 15317.

Here is our store front. The previous owner had been able to put up all the letters at it's other location. This location had got her a lot more foot traffic and sales. Our store is on the left and on the right is the McMurray Art League. They pay nothing because the wife of the guy who owns pretty much all of the business properties and buildings throughout South West Pennsylvania loves the arts and allowed them to have this space.

We have the option to buy the space, but it is far too expensive for our limited funds.

This is from the front door looking toward the back. The store has no office space, only a small closet. We use the sales counter on the left to keep all office equipment and supplies, which sucks, but it works.

This one is from the back of the store. The counter is on the right side but hidden.

Once Lavish, Then Frugal, Now Destitute... But there is A New Hope

Back in June when I was employed, I was doing fairly well for for my wife and myself (and our dogs and our bird). You know, the typical $125,000.00 base salary, thousands of shares of what turned out to be worthless equity, health insurance, retirement fund, etc. And as such, I have never been frugal preferring to buy the best that I could afford and I considered myself generous, helping out family and friends when they needed cash with the exception of my alcoholic and junky friends; I mean, doesn't everyone have their own drunk or junky?
Now still unemployed and further in debt, I find that I am eating less, keeping those little condiments that come with the meals that my father-in-law brings to us. I'm finding myself almost fanatical about turning out unnecessary lights and other electricity guzzling devices. In fact if it were not for my wife insisting that we live with at least some indoor lights and a few energy driven amenities, I would be very content sitting in my comf…

WebNotes: Annotate, Organize and Share

For a long time I've been thinking how cool it would be to be able to mark up a web page, annote parts of it and save it.  Because I received only today a private invitation to WebNotes, I'm still playing with it and so I don't know everything about it but I can say how easily it fits into firefox and while it has a lot of power, it makes doing all of this as simple as possible.

Here is an image I captured showing some random highlighted text and a sticky note.  You then save this into a WebNotes folder, and when you click it from the WebNotes organizer, the page will be brought up, and it will highlight and show the sticky notes right on the page. 

I like it because it doesn't grab an image, it just keeps information about where on the page the highlights and sticky notes are. I could be wrong about a snapshot image of the page.   But then again, that might not be a bad idea, especially if the page you've annotated is down.

Now I don't know if it does this o…

tjclancy | Twitter Grader

Check out my Twitter Grade. Cool stuff. I recommend it. If for no other reason than to boast to your friends.

tjclancy | Twitter Grader

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Retaggr: Social Network Aggregation

Retaggr is a cool service in that it provides a single place to consolidate your social networks.  This service provides a widget that you can embed in your blogs or web site to show off all of the social networks that you subscribe to.  Here is an example of my retaggr widget:

There many options you can choose to personalize your widget.  But the thing that took me by surprise is the sheer number of social networks out there.  Here are the major categories of social networks and other sites that contain your profile information.

Just check out this snippet of sites under social network:

I recommend at least trying it out. If for no other reason that to learn about all those networks that you don't belong to or have never heard of