WebNotes: Annotate, Organize and Share

For a long time I've been thinking how cool it would be to be able to mark up a web page, annote parts of it and save it.  Because I received only today a private invitation to WebNotes, I'm still playing with it and so I don't know everything about it but I can say how easily it fits into firefox and while it has a lot of power, it makes doing all of this as simple as possible.

Here is an image I captured showing some random highlighted text and a sticky note.  You then save this into a WebNotes folder, and when you click it from the WebNotes organizer, the page will be brought up, and it will highlight and show the sticky notes right on the page. 


I like it because it doesn't grab an image, it just keeps information about where on the page the highlights and sticky notes are. I could be wrong about a snapshot image of the page.   But then again, that might not be a bad idea, especially if the page you've annotated is down.

Now I don't know if it does this or not, but I would like to be able to highlight, annotate and have it find similar things that I can explore (kind of like what Zemanta does for a blog).  What I would like to eventuall see is a graph of some sort, maybe like a mind map (I find these ugly) a concept map (better) or something like The Brain (much better).  The point is to allow me to record my train of thought, as I search and annotate.  I want the application to sort of learn about my interests and other things the more I use it.  Just a thought.

Anyway, try to get an invitation for the beta which you can do at WebNotes.

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