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Power to the Green People

Today on Good Morning America I watched a story about a 93 year old man who had froze to death because the power company placed a limiter on his power meter that apparently shuts off power if too much is used.  You have to go out and reset the limiter so that you can restore your power.  When they found the man he was wrapped in three coats and several blankets.  Icicles hung from his faucets.  According to the power company, who have been using these limiting devices for a number of years, had no incidents until this one.

I have little doubt that all around the country power companies do these sorts of things, even turning off power completely.  These are due to delinquencies in payment, of course.  But can this be justified during the worst times in winter?  I suppose you could argue that limiting devices placed on any utility coming into your home is probably far more ethical than simply shutting things off.  But regardless of the reason, even in a capitalist country, we need to beg…

NASA's New Moon Rover

I found this cool article on NASA that shows and describes NASA's next generation rover. 
In the year 2020, NASA will be back on the moon. This time NASA will explore thousands of miles of the moon's surface with individual missions lasting six months or longer. Just as we did during the Apollo program, NASA will be developing new concepts and technologies that also will benefit life on Earth.

My Scrapbooker's Dream Ad

The other day I created a simple ad to post on websites for Scrapbooker's Dream.  Here it is:

Breastfeeding, Facebook, Obscenity and Idiocy

So I've been hearing on Fox Snooze that facebook had removed a photo of a woman who was breastfeeding her child public (as apposed to an adult, which is a separate issue entirely).  Facebook did concede and allow these sorts of photos to be posted, but there still might be a lawsuit brought against them by a coalition of women.  Whatever.

Now, two opposing views, both by women.  One says that it's a natural thing to breastfeed an infant and that it is not pornography nor is it obscene, which is facebook's policy for sensoring photos that are "pornography" and/or "obscene".  The other says that she doesn't want to see this on facebook, that this sort of thing should be done at home in private.

I see problems with both arguments.  First, yes, it is a natural thing to breastfeed.  But is having sex and nudity.  Why?  Most everyone has sex, and I imagine that it is prevalent to have sex in the nude, unless you consider dry humping whatever the hell tha…

Fun with Corel Painter X

I have Corel Painter X and a wacom intuos 3 pen tablet and every so often I'll mess around with it. I know, a lot of money just to occasionally mess around, but that's me. I go through money like fire through paper. Anyway, I was messing around with paper texture, paints and the airbrush and came up with this.

Actually it's just a portion of the painting because I kind of messed up on the rest of the canvas. Anyway, painter x and wacom graphics tablets are cool.

The Dell is Fixed

Well, after all this crap from Dell, the tech replaced the fried processor and it now works fine. Still, I don't think I'll buy another Dell. And I was considering a Dell POS for the store, but I decided not to. I will purchase an HP POS possibly. I will probably go to one of those POS discount sites to get a bundle deal (POS computer, scanner, monitor, receipt printer, etc).  More to come...

The Dell Computer Blues

From the time I bought my wife her Dell XPS M1530 we've had nothing but trouble.  When it arrived, the space bar was bent up on the right side, the mouse touch pad didn't work well (as you moved the pointer across the screen it would just stop, and yes I tried tweaking the settings, etc.  Only a wireless mouse would work).

Three months ago my wife began getting both blue and black screens of death (Vista is installed on it) while just surfing the web, and every so often when rebooting it would indicate that the it couldn't locate the hard drive.  We were able to get it to work after a second or third reboot, but this happened a number of times.  So of course I decided at that point to do a backup to her external drive.  When it indicated that there were hard drive errors it suggested I boot into safe mode and run chkdisk, and I did, and afterwards it claimed to have fixed the disk and I was able to finally back up.  And things just started working again.  Until bam, a few …

Zoho Notebook

So today I was thinking about how I might create some help documentation for one of my sites. Sure, adding a help page or popup page would be good. But I thought it would be cool to have an online document that a user could browse or print, and looks just like a book.

Zoho's Notebook is really cool because it allows you to compose a book and it lets you place things anywhere on a page, and the fact that you can embed it makes it even more appealing. One problem, however, is that I don't know the site's longevity. I can imagine Google being around for quite a while, but their notebook sucks. Sure, I could embed a google document, but that kind of sucks, too.

As a result of all of this pondering, I am still unclear as to what I would do. Perhaps my site will be so intuitive and attractive that having help documentation would be pointless.