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Power to the Green People

Today on Good Morning America I watched a story about a 93 year old man who had froze to death because the power company placed a limiter on his power meter that apparently shuts off power if too much is used.  You have to go out and reset the limiter so that you can restore your power.  When they found the man he was wrapped in three coats and several blankets.  Icicles hung from his faucets.  According to the power company, who have been using these limiting devices for a number of years, had no incidents until this one.

I have little doubt that all around the country power companies do these sorts of things, even turning off power completely.  These are due to delinquencies in payment, of course.  But can this be justified during the worst times in winter?  I suppose you could argue that limiting devices placed on any utility coming into your home is probably far more ethical than simply shutting things off.  But regardless of the reason, even in a capitalist country, we need to begin thinking of the people.  We need to work our way towards independence from creditors and utilities and other entities that enslave the minds and the wallets of people.  How do we do this?  We go green.

By going green I mean finding ways to remove ourselves from the grid; decentralizing power and generating our own and sharing it amongst ourselves.  New polymers and other materials are being developed that harness much more of the sun's energy and then there is wind power and other alternatives.  So imagine a city where every roof, from businesses to suburban homes, had solar panels and wind turbines collecting and storing energy into super efficient batteries.  Then imagine that by collecting and using that energy, we distribute it among each other, keeping us all at acceptable levels to power ourselves both day and night.  The city itself would have a surplus of power, giving back to the people both power and a portion of any profits made by reselling to the grid.  Solar power can be used not only to power homes, but also to heat water, reducing our need to use natural gas.

Okay.  More later.  Gotta watch my DVRd Lost.

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