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Avoid Purchasing Foreclosures

The thought that people are losing their homes (by the millions over since last year) really makes me angry. My message is this. If you're in the market for a home and you come across a foreclosed home, don't buy it! Make the banks suffer as the people have!

No one will heed this, I know. But my wife and I are barely making it and we might lose our home if I cannot find work. If you're in this predicament pass this message on.

Dead Philosophers

I like reading philosophy and biographies about philosophers. So yesterday as I was reading the New York Times Book section (online), I came across a cool book entitled The Book of Dead Philosophers.  Such philosophers include, for example, Thales, Salon, Chilon and Periander.  Here is an excerpt from the first chapter.

Philosophical thought emerged in the Greek-speaking world two and a half millennia ago. First we encounter the various sages and so-called "physiologists," like Thales and Anaxagoras, who attempted to explain the origins of the universe and the causes of nature. We will then turn to the sometimes shadowy figures, like Pythagoras, Heracleitus and Empedocles, who define the world of thought prior to the birth of Socrates and the struggle between philosophy and sophistry in Athens during the Classical period of the fifth and fourth centuries BC. 


At this moment in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, the temperature is 64 degrees F. It's slightly breezy and as I walk the dogs out back I can hear the slight rustle of the bare branches and remnant leaves of trees. I stand for a long time with my eyes closed and listen, and feel wind and sun on my face, the dogs mimicking me, or is it the other way 'round?

Masdar City

Masdar City... Now this is a cool, self sufficient city concept.

Unite. Rebuild.

The symbol of energy and independence. We need to Unite and Rebuild.  We all need to do something to make a better life for everyone.  The Obama $900,000,000,000.00+ economic recovery plan package? Is he crazy or is he a genius?  Will this help or will it hinder?  I cannot help thinking that so much of this money will be grabbed up and squirreled away in offshore accounts by villainous, corporate scum. A new era is upon us and we need to grab it, mold it and make it ours!

A New Era, A New Nation

So I hear and read that millions of people have now lost their jobs (I being one), many have lost their homes and many are without health insurance.

An alternative solution to this problem is for each person affected by this economic tragedy to pool together their resources and to form a new nation.  This would harken back to the small town mentality.  People should support local businesses and economy, start local businesses, build new homes, create organic, sustainable farms, create their own power from solar to wind, and invest in biofuels or electric motor vehicles. 

This way people become independent.  They build their own homes so that no bank can take it away.  They purchase their own land, the eat their own food, they power their own towns and cities.  Then, start supporting technologies, health care, research, etc, via stocks.  We become independent yet we support those businesses, research firms and education that benefit all.

Hmm... this sound socialist.  Maybe I need to re…

Sense of Smell and Taste... Gone

A few months back I began to notice that my sense of smell was diminishing as was my sense of taste (which makes sense because you really "taste" with your nose).  Over the past week or so I lost most of these senses.  I can sense with my tongue things that are sour, sweet, bitter, salty, spicy hot, etc.  But these are the only things that the tongue senses.  To taste (sense the flavor) one needs both the nose as well as the tongue.  So it is more accurate to say that my sense of smell has degraded to the point where I can smell, faintly, only those sorts of odors that tend to be bad--I'll spare you the details.

So I have been thinking about my eating habits.  Despite the fact that I can't taste things, I nevertheless go for foods that I love.  And this makes me sad; for not only can I not taste it, I can't recall to mind specifically how it tastes.  So why don't I just eat bland food, knowing there is little taste, so that I expect nothing and don't beco…