Dead Philosophers

200902141115.jpgI like reading philosophy and biographies about philosophers. So yesterday as I was reading the New York Times Book section (online), I came across a cool book entitled The Book of Dead Philosophers.  Such philosophers include, for example, Thales, Salon, Chilon and Periander.  Here is an excerpt from the first chapter.

Philosophical thought emerged in the Greek-speaking world two and a half millennia ago. First we encounter the various sages and so-called "physiologists," like Thales and Anaxagoras, who attempted to explain the origins of the universe and the causes of nature. We will then turn to the sometimes shadowy figures, like Pythagoras, Heracleitus and Empedocles, who define the world of thought prior to the birth of Socrates and the struggle between philosophy and sophistry in Athens during the Classical period of the fifth and fourth centuries BC. 

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