A New Era, A New Nation

So I hear and read that millions of people have now lost their jobs (I being one), many have lost their homes and many are without health insurance.

An alternative solution to this problem is for each person affected by this economic tragedy to pool together their resources and to form a new nation.  This would harken back to the small town mentality.  People should support local businesses and economy, start local businesses, build new homes, create organic, sustainable farms, create their own power from solar to wind, and invest in biofuels or electric motor vehicles. 

This way people become independent.  They build their own homes so that no bank can take it away.  They purchase their own land, the eat their own food, they power their own towns and cities.  Then, start supporting technologies, health care, research, etc, via stocks.  We become independent yet we support those businesses, research firms and education that benefit all.

Hmm... this sound socialist.  Maybe I need to rethink.  But my point is to decentralize and produce within communities and then share resources between them, thus becoming self sustaining.

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