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Boycotting Barnes and Noble For Religious Un-Reason

Yesterday my wife and I drove to the Barnes and Noble near where we live.  Because I am unemployed and am near bankruptcy I haven't been to any bookstore since last summer.  But my wife wanted to find a particular book on papercraft and she gave me a few bucks if I had seen anything interesting.

I never really cared for Barnes and Noble anyway, rather I prefer the Borders Book Store across the street.  They have much more depth as well as breadth, whereas Barnes and Nobles just seems to have breadth in there selection.  Their one redeeming quality, however, was that their science, math and nature section was large as was their arts and crafts section.  But yesterday I found that they had moved their science and nature secting to a small book shelf and where they once had a huge section of art, art instruction and craft books now houses nothing but religious crap from various religions, but mostly christian crap.  I tolerated for the few minutes I was there as my wife purchased a ma…

Quilling and Chilling

Perhaps it's because I own a scrapbooking and papercraft store.  Perhaps it is the artist within.  Perhaps it's sheer boredom as I suffer this long period of employment drought.  But whatever it is, I've decided to learn more about papercrafts and especially something called quilling or paper filigree.

I'm not quite sure why I find fascination in such things.  I am a computer geek, programmer, software developer, etc.  It must go back to my childhood and my fascination with creating arts and crafts.  As a budding artist my bud was snipped from the tree of art, and I never did pursue it. But I love color.  I love how to mix it to create new colors, how to place complimentary colors together, how to match and blend and create things with color.

The tools and the techniques of quilling are deceptively simple.  I say deceptively because although it appears at first that you are simply rolling paper around a slotted rod, forming the rolled paper into one of a few basic shapes…

Brainstorming, Mind Mapping, Curio

I use this really cool Mac OS X  (I mean, is there really anything better than a Mac?) software by Zengobi called Curio.  While it lacks many of the things I would like to see in such an application--you really can't go by what I write here because what I want hasn't yet been imagined, except by me of course and I am too lazy to do anything about it--it has great potential and I think that if Zengobi has the vision it can become even more powerful which is really cool.

Part of what it gives you is mind mapping, but unlike mind mapping tools that are all about just mind mapping, Curio gives you a blank canvas onto which you can drop any kind of resource such as images, documents, web pages, etc.  And you can organize all of these sorts of things as mind maps or structured lists.  Or you don't need to do that at all.  You can just be free to layout everything randomly.

It is also a project management application, but it looks nothing like any project management software.  Th…

Guilted Green

In thinking about the green movement and going green I think about how there are so many (especially on television) who don't encourage by positive reinforcement, instead they try to induce by guilt those who aren't green.

If you watch a t.v. channel called Planet Green, some, but not all programs educate by pointing out not the positive thing one has done (if they have), rather they point out all the flaws, and show by monitoring their current practices, just how non-green one really is.  It's true that they educate by showing what one can adopt in order to go green, but often it is with bribery and/or trying to convince you of the benefits, not because one needs a change in their consciousness.  Instead, to get people to go green, they have to point out how it will benefit them, and usually these benefits are all about saving money.

I want to propose a new movement--the Vegan Green movement--that despite perceived negative connotations, is really a positive movement witho…