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Boycotting Barnes and Noble For Religious Un-Reason

Yesterday my wife and I drove to the Barnes and Noble near where we live.  Because I am unemployed and am near bankruptcy I haven't been to any bookstore since last summer.  But my wife wanted to find a particular book on papercraft and she gave me a few bucks if I had seen anything interesting.

I never really cared for Barnes and Noble anyway, rather I prefer the Borders Book Store across the street.  They have much more depth as well as breadth, whereas Barnes and Nobles just seems to have breadth in there selection.  Their one redeeming quality, however, was that their science, math and nature section was large as was their arts and crafts section.  But yesterday I found that they had moved their science and nature secting to a small book shelf and where they once had a huge section of art, art instruction and craft books now houses nothing but religious crap from various religions, but mostly christian crap.  I tolerated for the few minutes I was there as my wife purchased a magzine that she found--she couldn't even find the craft books--and swore to boycott them.  If it wasn't for my wife who likes the discount benefits of a Barnes and Noble club membership, I would have cut my card into many tiny pieces.  In fact I will even boycott their website as well.  Fuck 'em.

Perhaps it's where I live.  I find that Barnes and Noble (and for that matter any bookstore) that is closer to, say, a University or College tends to have many more books that interest me  and less crap that doesn't.  I guess I live in a place where the people, although afluent, tend to eschew reason and rationality for their dependence on their religious dogmas and intellectual chains.  Indeed, I am surrounded by the unenlightened and the anti-intellect.   Of this I have proof.

I discovered that my neighbor across the street is a religious fundamentalist.  I think.  Sunday morning as I brought the dogs out for their morning walk I heard the neighbor's radio, which was entirely too loud, spewing forth the inane rambling of some religious christian nut.  He spoke of the moving power of the lord and how god will save everyone's souls from damnation--whever the hell that means.  So I suppose when I walked into Barnes and Noble later that day and found all the horrible changes I just lost it--internally because I rarely do so externally in public.

Anyway, no more Barnes and Noble for me.  And believe me, it's no loss to me, and of course means nothing to them.  For every rational, intelligent person there are dozens of close minded, intellectually stinted morons to take their place.

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