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I use this really cool Mac OS X  (I mean, is there really anything better than a Mac?) software by Zengobi called Curio.  While it lacks many of the things I would like to see in such an application--you really can't go by what I write here because what I want hasn't yet been imagined, except by me of course and I am too lazy to do anything about it--it has great potential and I think that if Zengobi has the vision it can become even more powerful which is really cool.

Part of what it gives you is mind mapping, but unlike mind mapping tools that are all about just mind mapping, Curio gives you a blank canvas onto which you can drop any kind of resource such as images, documents, web pages, etc.  And you can organize all of these sorts of things as mind maps or structured lists.  Or you don't need to do that at all.  You can just be free to layout everything randomly.

It is also a project management application, but it looks nothing like any project management software.  The project management is intrinsic.

To take advantage you just set a start and end date to some node in a mind map or some item in a list and it becomes a task. In the above image you can see that I created a mind map called Die Cuts (more on this in another post) and then set start and due dates for each node.  The parent becomes completed once each id completed.  You can add notes, too, and it tracks these, letting you know when you haven't completed something within the timeframe you set.

So if you have a Mac, get Curio.  If you are thinking about getting a Mac, stop thinking and get one and then get Curio.  And if you have no interest in Macs buy one anyway and then buy Curio.  I mean if Curio can't lure you away from the Dark Side, then you are too far gone to save.

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