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American Mensa

If any of you live in Western PA (or near it) and would like to take the American Mensa Admissions test, you can do it on Saturday, May 2, in the North Hills of PittsburghHere are the details.

Scrapbooker's Dream Blog

So now my business, Scrapbooker's Dream, finally has a blog. It was difficult trying to find something that might appeal to the tastes of scrapbookers, which are predominantly female.  Perhaps it's a little to girlish, but my wife, the primary owner of the business really likes it.  So we shall see how popular it becomes.  I've sent out a mass email to our customers and so far it appears that people are checking it out, which is cool. 

Ideas on Divinity and Proof

In the discussion forum of an Ecademy club called The Debating Society on the topic of belief and the holy bible, I've been debating about divinity and truth.  Here are my thoughts in response to some interesting statements.

"...when you look around us, when you see the Universe, when you watch the amazing good that many do and the day to day life there is on this Planet...without doubt there is a God, or...Supreme Being over all...existence."
To paraphrase arthur clarke's quote "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic", one could say "any sufficiently misunderstood phenomenon is indistinguishable from magic", where magic is understood to imply superstition and attributions to the divine. Thus If one looks about and ascribes the beauty of Nature and the Universe to having been created by some supreme being, then chances are they have not bothered to try to understand it. Which is to say that, in their myopic, dogmatic v…