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Checking out Windows Live Writer

I no longer have my mac, so I am stuck with windows vista on a dell laptop.  But I like to poke around and see what I can find, and I found this Windows Live Writer thing.  It's interesting, but a little confusing.  I set it up so that I can publish in this blog.  I expected, however, that there would be a list of all my other entries, but I could not seem to locate it.  Being the slow-minded-man I am, it took some time before I noticed the Open options.  And I had just started to write some criticism, but deleted it.It seems that I cannot center this image within the post.  I even tried modifying the html code.  The nice thing is that live writer has a few basic image tools, like sharpen, which I did with this one.I seem to be able to place an image in the 2nd column of this table, which centers it--relative to the table of course. This is a sleeping Sydney.Here is a map of where our business and home are. Well this is about it.

What I Like About Tweeting...

Or is it twittering?  I don't know.  I don't use twitter much, but what I like about it is that it forces twitterers (or is it tweeters?) to say as much as they can using an economy of words, which makes it, for me, a much better experience than reading blog after blog of horrible writing and stupid ideas--something at which I excel.

As an aside: it's interesting to note that Zemanta (which I really like) presents an inordinate number of images of stereo speaker tweeters.

Hairy Subject

Today I was thinking about hair.  My hair continues to grow and in order to keep it from growing too long I have it cut.  Although I have short hair afterward, my hair continues to grow and at some point I get it cut once again, and so continues the cycle. These things I know.

Now, my dog's hair at some point stopped growing--I suppose it was when she grew from a puppy into an adult dog.  So say I trim my dog's hair.  It grows back, but it then ceases to grow once it has reached its previous length.  First, why does my dog's hair stop growing, but more importantly, how can the trimmed hair "know" when it is trimmed so that it can grow back to its previous length?  In other words, what biological mechanisms are at play in regulating this kind of hair growth, and what regulates the length of a single hair (my dog has hair, in spots, of varying length)?  I make the assumption, of course, that a human can grow hair indefinitely (until death, of course--or does that ha…

A Great Loss

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Yesterday without warning my MacBook Pro died.  In life it was a good, good laptop.  It served me well, never crashed, never got ill from a virus; I thought it was indestructible.  Alas!  Although I have no income, I am planning to save whatever money comes my way so that I can buy a new MacBook Pro. So far I have collected $10.00.  I figure by the time I have enough money, Apple will have developed a really cool MacBook. Well, I am in mourning so I shall end this here.

Rest in peace valiant MacBook Pro.  Rest in peace.