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Traveling Through Space using Zero Point Fields

I am a science geek and I especially love astronomy and physics.  And of course anything to do with space travel.  On I found this cool video that explains the zero point field and how we can use it to propel a craft very swiftly to some distant point.  Check it out.

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The Retail Store - How Employees Can Cost the Store Potential Business

I'm interested in learning how to do beading--making jewelry or wire beading--and there is a beading store just up the road called Bead It! Here that I pass each day on my way to our store.  I don't know much about this craft and although I usually teach myself through books and online tutorials, I thought it might be good to go somewhere that holds classes for beginners so I could get first hand experience from a beading artist, and besides I like to support our local businesses, and I make sure that I do my shopping locally.

Bead It! Here is both a retail store and a place where you can take classes or just sit and do your beading if you like.  So today I called to ask about their classes and the person who answered was just not very friendly.  Maybe I am biased because my wife always answers the phone at our store with a friendly voice, and when she speaks to people they really like how much she is willing to help them, and always with a smile, which you can even hear in her…

Our Summer Yard Sale

I haven't written much lately because my wife and I have been busy running the store and thinking about more ways to get more customers.  But here is a link to the store's blog showing photos from our summer yard sale, which turned out to be a big success--bigger than the first one earlier in the year.  It was so successful that we're planning to do a third at the end of September.

How Bad Are Your Cosmetics?

The other day while browsing for something I came across Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Reviews which is hosted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) The site contains a huge database of cosmetic products and chemicals used by the cosmetic industry, and rates each product on a scale ranging from 0 to 10, where 10 is the worst offender and 0 is the best.If you look on a bottle of, say, shampoo, and write into the search box on the site some chemical name from the ingredients list (for example Ammonium Laureth Sulfate), the result will be a number of health hazards associated with that chemical as such (click the image to go to the actual entry on the website): Ammonium Laureth Sulfate scores only a 3, so it’s not all that bad.  What’s nice is that it also displays a set of names that this chemical can be listed as, gives you a description of what it actually is, and shows you a list of cosmetic categories—and the products within—that contain this chemical.And if you search for the produc…