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The Retail Store - How Employees Can Cost the Store Potential Business

I'm interested in learning how to do beading--making jewelry or wire beading--and there is a beading store just up the road called Bead It! Here that I pass each day on my way to our store.  I don't know much about this craft and although I usually teach myself through books and online tutorials, I thought it might be good to go somewhere that holds classes for beginners so I could get first hand experience from a beading artist, and besides I like to support our local businesses, and I make sure that I do my shopping locally.

Bead It! Here is both a retail store and a place where you can take classes or just sit and do your beading if you like.  So today I called to ask about their classes and the person who answered was just not very friendly.  Maybe I am biased because my wife always answers the phone at our store with a friendly voice, and when she speaks to people they really like how much she is willing to help them, and always with a smile, which you can even hear in her voice over the phone.  But at Bead It! Here, when I called to ask questions, the person didn't seem to want to answer my questions, and what answers I did get were curt as though I were somehow bothering her.

I think that I should have hung up the phone, but I didn't.  Instead I went on to ask if they hold classes for beginners, so instead of telling me about it she just said that I could visit their web site.  Now, I had it up in front of me already which is where I got the phone number, and I didn't see the beginners class until she mentioned the name of it, which I was able to find.  But again, her answer was curt and after that there was silence and so I thanked her and said goodbye--she managed to eek out a goodbye then hurriedly hung up the phone.

So the moral here is that if they don't have the courtesy to be friendly to someone who is new to the craft, seeking answers and who could potentially become a new customer then I won't bother to visit the store or sign up for any classes, and instead I'll just search online for supplies, tutorials and books.  I do hope for their sake that the person who answered wasn't the owner.  And assuming she wasn't I think that she or he should consider firing her and hiring a new person who they carefully screen for courteousness and that friendly smile that makes me happy that I called.


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Silver Surfer said…
Hello, I am a retired housewife, but I dont think of myself as that , after all just does a housewife retire LOL
Anyway back to the subject in hand so to speak.I started beading about a year and a half ago and I too found some people were not too sympathetic when I was looking for the simplest of answers..
On telling you this I am self taught , if you dont count my library of books and the multitude of websites I have visited. I started a blog like you and find myself burbling about my beading failures and my successes.
all the best in your beading journey.. Silver Surfer
Thomas Clancy said…
Hi Silver Surfer. Thank you for your comments. I will head out on my own and discover things for myself. I'll probably buy a plethora of books on the subject, and my wife will yell at me because I have thousands of books on many subjects already. :-)
Silver Surfer said…
Hi Thomas, would you mind if I told you of just two books I bought
The Encyclopedia of Beading Techniques by Sara Withers & Stephanie Burnham
The second one is
Mastering Beadwork by Carol Huber Cypher
These are the two books I use most. I have lots more and I love journeying through all of them especially when I lose my MOJO ( short for motivation)
Thomas Clancy said…
Hi. Thank you for the book recommendations! These sound very good. I'm afraid, however, that I am very poor, so do you know of any good online sites for learning how to do beading.
Silver Surfer said…
Hi Thomas,
I know lots of them

try these for starters. I must say looking at your work you dont need much in the way of learning beading.
silver surfer
Thomas Clancy said…
Hi and thanks for the links. I am going to look through them now.

As for the bead image in my post, it's not mine. I like to put a photo of something that relates to the article. Of course the article isn't necessarily about beading rather it's about how employees of retail businesses lose business by their attitudes. That's why my scrapbooking retail store is doing well. My wife loves to teach people about scrapbooking and you can hear it in her voice. :-)

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