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Rain and Thunder

I'm pensive today.  It's pouring and there will soon be flashes then thunder then sound of rain again, and clocks and the scratching and yawning of the dogs.  A gloomy day, altogether.  But it's my favorite sort of day.  The kind of day for reflection and writing.  The kind of day to solve a crossword, to create art and to read a book (oh the beautiful, dying pastime...I lament thee).  Okay.  This piece sucks.  I'm out.

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Strange Question #1

I've been wondering about bars of soap. Does a bar of soap clean itself?

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For Sale: A Sony DCR-TRV30 Handycam

It's a little dated in that it records onto MiniDV Digital Video Cassettes, but the video is really good.  Click here to go to the page where it is listed, used, for $225.00.

Here are some of the specs:
MiniDV camcorder10x optical, 120x digital, zoom with Super SteadyShot image stabilization3.5 inch color LCD and color EVFRecords digital stills at a resolution of 1360 X 1020 onto included 4 MB Memory StickMPEG movie mode
It didn't come with a case, but I think I bought one for it.  I'll have to check.

Okay.  So I want to sell it for $200.00.  If you or someone you know are looking to buy a quality (and at one time $1,400.00) Sony camcorder, then let me know.  We will work out the details of shipping, etc.

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Identifying Trees - A Cool Idea

Someone might already have done this but I'd like to share my idea anyway.  I like trees and I like to identify them.  I have field guides and books and I like spending time looking through them, but I thought it would be really cool if computers could identify them for you.  I'm not sure if this is true of every laptop, but I see more laptops these days with built in web cams which sparked the idea.  I've also seen software that uses the web cam to identify products from reading the bar codes on them.

Anyway, this might appeal only to those who, either professionally or as an amateur, study trees and other flora. So imagine taking a sample from a tree--a leaf and maybe some bark--and taking a snapshot of these samples via your web came. That image could be sent to a server somewhere with software that would analyze the photo to determine what kind of tree it is.  This could also be used for flowers and fruits and flowering trees--which would be another way to identify the…

Forming the ISDC (Interdisciplinary Software Development Collective)

I am growing tired of my unemployment and I have decided (took me long enough) to form ISDC or the Interdisciplinary Software Development Collective.  More than simply a technical or software consulting company where software engineers are bought and sold (veritable slaves), the ISDC is a software development and design collective that works with companies to build and/or improve their current software needs.

Rather than trying to find a consultant to fit the need of a client (it seems that a software engineer these days needs to know so much technology just to find some company to hire him/her), we create a virtual consultant made up of experts that can solve the problem in and interdisciplinary way.  For example, if a project calls for developing a cool new Web 2.0application--say for managing sales people or providing a multimedia platform targeted at the financial community--then this team will have at its disposal the experts needed to build or redesign a software product.  Such …

Frustrating and Cruel

Okay.  Perhaps cruel is a little strong.  But read this article and then watch what your credit card issuers might just do to you.  They are riding themselves of customers so I say cancel all your cards, pay off the balance and rid yourselves of them--and creditors be damned!  I guess my feelings might not be as strong had something like this not happened to us.  We opened an account with one of the major credit cards and used it to purchase a few things (far less than our original credit limit).  A few weeks later we learned that the credit card issuer had cut our limit to the amount we owed.  We will pay it off, of course, then simply cancel it.  You should do the same.

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August Page Kits - Scrapbooker's Dream

The August Page Kits are here at the store.  These two are perfect for capturing your very favorite summer memories.  Here's a peek:

Under the Sea

Always on the Go

Stop in today to get your page kits complete with instructions!