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Kmart Cares?

My wife and I are hosting Scrap Pink, a national event hosted by independent retail scrapbooking stores, and we are seeking donations.  An upscale restaurant, ATRIA'S, is donating dinner on both Saturday and Sunday.  A local pizza place down the road, Ollie's Pizza, is donating lunch for each day, and Trax Farm, a huge farmers market, donated a gift card that we used to buy dessert.

In the McDowell shops in McMurray, PA (where our store is located) there is a large Kmart.  I used to walk there to buy lunch and one day in the bag I found four of these pink, rubber bands (which we use as bracelets), and stamped on them is the phrase K Cares.  The pink is for the cause to find a cure for breast cancer.  Now, Scrap Pink is also about the cause. $10.00 from each person who signs up for the event goes directly to the Susan G. Komen foundation.  So we thought it would be a good idea to talk to the manager of the local Kmart to see if we could get some kind of donation.  We didn't …


I have been trying for months now to design a newsletter for Scrapbooker's Dream, and nothing has come to me.  I think I no longer possess imagination, which for me is usually a horrible insult--the last person who said this to me wound up in an imaginary hospital after I imagined beating him senseless.  But if someone were to say this to me now, I'd probably just agree and walk away because I'd probably not have the imagination to return a scathing retort.

Anyway, I use Apple's Pages '09 which is part of it's office suite, iWork '09.  You can start a new document from scratch or use one of a number of different templates which including fourteen newsletter templates.  Now I don't know if it's the title of these newsletter templates (e.g. Collector, Green Grocery, Real Estate, Extreme, etc.) that prohibits me from thinking beyond their 'intended' use.  In fact I should be able to simply look at the structure while ignoring the content and ima…

Retail Theft: Shoplifting by Unexpected People: Women

Owning a retail business is new to me--I've only owned the store since December--but I think I'm getting the hang of things.  What I find appalling, however, is that we get the occasional shoplifter, and I find this very surprising given that our store caters almost exclusively to women; such is my naivete.  From some reading I did way back, I learned that statistically the number of female criminals is far less than the number of males.  
The stuff stolen, most of the time (and we don't have too many problems, really), is just petty, inexpensive things.  So I wonder if people just get some kind of euphoric rush when they take something without paying for it.  I mean people who aren't career criminals.  Still, it annoys the hell out of me whenever my wife discovers that something has vanished.  I so wish I could catch someone in the act.

Scrapbooker's Dream and the Scrap Pink Campaign

Scrapbooker’s Dream joins nationwide Scrap Pink campaign to
benefit breast cancer research

McMurray, PA, September 1, 2009 - On Sept. 26 and 27, 2009, local scrapbooking enthusiasts will come together for the third annual Scrap Pink weekend, a fundraising event created by Scrapbooks etc.® to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. Scrap Pink has already donated over $200,000 to breast cancer research.  Hosting a crop locally will be Scrapbooker's Dream, a scrapbooking shop located in McMurray, PA at 4067 Washington Road.

On Scrap Pink weekend, retailers will invite consumers to participate in an exciting in-store
crop, where scrapbookers will come together to make a difference. Consumers will pay to attend the crop, and $10 of this fee will be donated to support Komen's mission to find a cure for breast cancer through research, education, screening, and treatment. Sherri Clancy, owner of Scrapbooker's Dream, sees Scrap Pink as much more than just another fundraiser. "It is …