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Crappy Customer Support and Stupid Warranties

On behalf of my wife's Dell XPS M1530, I have the unhappy task of calling Dell's crappy customer support whenever something goes wrong, and something is always going wrong with the thing.  Last night we discovered once again that the AC power adapter burned out.  I called Dell support of course, and after being bounced from one department to another I spoke to someone who told me that despite having the extended warranty, only a one year manufacturers covers "consumables", which of course means the AC power adapter--something I didn't know, but who the hell reads the warranty info?  I screamed, yelled, pulled out a few strands of hair and just hung up.  My wife was upset of course that Dell sucks so bad but also with me for failing to negotiate a free adapter.  I had to call today to purchase one for over $90.00 because I wanted it shipped ASAP--we use it for our business.

Now compare this to Apple's customer support.  Apple's support is far better.  No stress, no hair pulling, no screaming and yelling.  It's almost a pleasurable experience.  Just make an appointment at any Apple store and stop in with your computer.  Oh how happy I am that I bought a MacBook Pro instead of a piece of crap Dell.  My wife will no longer be shopping at Dell...ever.  But she will need a new laptop and so the question is what will we buy this time.  Certainly not a Dell.  No fucking way.  Assholes.

The moral?  Well, read the warranty info and then avoid Dell at all cost, unless you're okay with having to call customer support every four months when something on it breaks.  And no, they won't replace it.  They simply keep replacing parts until, in the end, you wind up with a mostly refurbished one anyway.

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