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Rise Against the Chinese Machine of Oppression, Fear and Murder

I have read this article about Liu Xiaobo and as with all articles I read about Chineseoppression by the Chinese government, I get angry and I begin to think of horrible things.  It's crazy to think that a government would want to silence its citizens about anything that the government does.  It seems to me that if the Chinese government is so proud of its oppressive, communist rule, then it should be completely open about it.  It should allow both those who praise and those who disagree with the government to write and speak.  Human rights, equality and freedom need to be made universal.  This quote from the first paragraph of Charter 08 is very powerful:

the Chinese people, who have endured human rights disasters and uncountable struggles across these same years, now include many who see clearly that freedom, equality, and human rights are universal values of humankind and that democracy and constitutional government are the fundamental framework for protecting these values.

The C…