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J. D. Salinger Dead at 91

A sad day.  J. D. Salinger dies at age 91.  This is a good story I found in the Dallas News online paper. 

Apple iPad

Now this makes me really, really happy.  Of course it doesn't have a camera for video chat, but what the hell.  I would use the iPad simply as a reading and surfing device, and perhaps for some games.  I'm not much for socializing anyway.  But what I really like is that it will make a fantastic e-book reader with the iBooks store.  I can't wait until I can try this thing out.  Of course it might be years before I'll be able to afford one, even at the low price.  But still it is something to look forward to.

Dictionary Removed From School in a Reactionary Move by School District

Here is a link to a story about a parent (no doubt an ultra-conservative christian fundamentalist in need of some serious head) who cannot keep her nose out of the crotch of her school district--itself apparently full of people in serious need themselves of some good head.

Rather than simply shield her own children from the world, keeping them ignorant and stupid, she spoke up to the school complaining that the Merriam-Webster 10th edition dictionary contained the term 'oral sex', which she found objectionable and age-inappropriate' (whatever that means), which then prompted the school district to pull the dictionary from classrooms and library book shelves.  I suppose to this moron of a parent 'oral sex' trumps all of the other 'graphic' words in the dictionary, and perhaps this thinking reveals something of her own psychosis.  Anyway, it is a shame that schools fall prey to the hysterics of a single stupid, ignorant person--perhaps she'd be better o…

Puzzling Interview Leaves Me Puzzled and Still Unemployed

Two weeks ago I interviewed at a company in Pittsburgh called Inmedius, Inc.  I spoke with two people and then took a java competency test and I thought I did well, but it's difficult sometimes to tell how an interview goes, as it was in this case  The recruiter who presented me there told me the next day that they really liked me and were just waiting for my test results, and that I'd probably be made an offer within the week.  So I waited and waited and waited and finally a week and a half later I decided to call the recruiter since she bothered to not call me.  She apologized, of course, and although I scored very high on the test and although they really, really liked me, they decided to pass on me. I guess I am more upset with the recruiter for making me call her and then for her to not press them for some details to give to me.  All they did tell her was that I was lacking experience with some technologies but never mentioned specifically what they were.  I really, reall…

Back Online

I was wrong about losing my internet access at home.  It is working again, but it seems to cut out intermittently, but mostly it's working.  Still, I imagine that Comcast will cancel our service soon after which I will be relegated to going to our store every day where our internet access there is DSL only, which is painfully slow.  But it's much faster than nothing at all, of course.

Lost My High Speed Internet

My wife and I are unable to pay our bills, and this includes our Comcastcable bill, which includes our phone, high speed internet and television.  It's curious that they don't cut it all off at once.  I thought that it would all go away, but I think that they cut off what they think are the more popular services first.  I suppose that internet access is more popular than television.  I suppose the next thing will be the television and then the phone.  But perhaps I am over thinking it.  Maybe they can throttle and disconnect the internet access remotely but have to actually come to the house to disconnect the others.

Hell, I don't know.  But soon we'll be without any of these services, and while my wife and her father will be put into a panic over this I'll just sit back with a good book, cup of coffee and something sweet.  That's all I need.  Now as long as we've paid the electric bill I'll have light by which to read my books.  Perhaps I should stock …