Lost My High Speed Internet

My wife and I are unable to pay our bills, and this includes our Comcast cable bill, which includes our phone, high speed internet and television.  It's curious that they don't cut it all off at once.  I thought that it would all go away, but I think that they cut off what they think are the more popular services first.  I suppose that internet access is more popular than television.  I suppose the next thing will be the television and then the phone.  But perhaps I am over thinking it.  Maybe they can throttle and disconnect the internet access remotely but have to actually come to the house to disconnect the others.

Hell, I don't know.  But soon we'll be without any of these services, and while my wife and her father will be put into a panic over this I'll just sit back with a good book, cup of coffee and something sweet.  That's all I need.  Now as long as we've paid the electric bill I'll have light by which to read my books.  Perhaps I should stock up on candles and lighters.

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