Star Wars Marathon!

Today my friend, Shawn, and I are going to sit our lazy buts down and watch Star Wars movies all day long, with the occasional break to get more junk food.  I love Star Wars, but unlike my friend, I haven't really gotten into the lore and the larger universe, etc., etc.  It's cool to listen to him explain all of these things.  Now, I am a Star Trek aficionado, and because he has never watched Star Trek (he's young), I got to introduce him to it by way of the latest Star Trek movie, which is really cool by the way.

So my wife gave us pizza money for later (she is so nice) and, as if all the other junk food weren't enough, we'll be stuffing our bellies with more stuff.  I think I am also going to try to make chocolate chip cookies from scratch.  My wife and I tried the other day using the toll house recipe, but they came out like little hard and crunchy flat disks. 

Anyway.  That's my day.

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