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My Kindle

I love my kindle.  Sure, it ain't an iPad 2, but it is a pleasure reading books on it.  Because I can't afford to buy very many books, I've downloaded a bunch of free, classical literature books.  Will I read 'em?  I've read a few back in the days when I read real, paper bound books... remember those?  But they'll probably just sit in my kindle taking up space.

When Sherri bought me my Kindle for my birthday in February, she also bought me $50.00 Amazon gift card so I did manager to buy a few books.  Here is a list:

Of course there are the twenty or so book previews that I've downloaded.  They really get you there.  You read the first chapter, get hooked, click the menu button and click Buy This Book Now and that's it.  Sucks, really.  I found a few books I liked and was too tempted to click the Buy button and so I did and, well, no money, no book!  Alas, there are plenty of book samples out there, so that should keep me busy reading!  Heck, if I survi…