Learning is Expensive

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The title says it all.  Learning is expensive.

Being really poor (yes, i am barely hanging on to my internet service and my old mac is, well, old), when it comes to discovering cool things (e.g. in science), I have to be content with reading, for example, blurbs of really cool articles on the Scientific American website.  Or samples of books on my Kindle (it was a gift).  I used to be a member of the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), but the yearly dues are entirely too much for me and to be worth it, really, you need to also purchase the yearly subscription to their digital archive. And so of course I don't have access to all the great historical and modern scholarly works.  Yes, I'm whining.

It's probably that I don't know what all is out there, but I was thinking.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a digital magazine/website like Scientific American, but for free?  A place where science geeks can go to simply learn, and rejoice in the learning of new things.  Us independents I mean.  Those who chose (perhaps not voluntarily) the private sector over academia and who would rather (perhaps) squirrel themselves away in a corner of the dark hollows in the depths of their own dank homes rather than tempt fate by coming up for air, light and human companionship.

Then again I really have no clue about people such as that. Honest. I don't. Really.

Anyway, learning is expensive.

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