Addicted to Games I Hate

This is not Moonlight Mahjong
I have been playing on my mac two solitaire card games and a mahjong game.  I hate these games.  I really do.  But I can't stop playing them.

Moonlight Mahjong is a gorgeous version of solitaire mahjong with a 3D twist. There a lot of different boards and background, and a lot are 3D, which makes it more challenging because you can rotate the board any way you like, which you'll need to do to find hidden matching tiles.  And playing it is just mesmerizing.

Why do I hate it?  Because rather than doing my research or works, I just get too tempted to go into a solitaire trance. Sure, these kinds of games help reduce stress.  But most of the time I use it as a means to procrastinate.  Oh well.  Gotta go.  Itching for some 3D Klondike solitaire!

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febe said…
Hi Thomas! That's the problem with games in Mac or PC. My solution was I uninstalled all the games to focus on my work. And when I want to relieve stress, I leave my table and go in my garden or pond. I can smell some flowers or watch fishes for 5 to 10 minutes then go back again to work.
Blogger said…
Download the Solitaire App to your mobile.

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